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N2 Dance Suggested Media


Part of our N2 Dance mission statement is that we will maintain high moral values in the music that we use in class. We feel strongly that the messages in music affect how we think and who we become regardless of whether or not we are paying attention to the words. We work very hard to ensure that all music that we use is free of explicit lyrics, sexual connotations, and does not promote illegal or negative behavior. We strongly encourage our students/parents to screen the music that they listen to. Because many times it is hard to know what is being said in some songs we feel it is wise to look up lyrics online before purchasing music. Many people ask us for recommendations on music. N2 Dance families that would like a list of music and artists used during class time in the current semester can email us at info@n2-dance.com

Movies, Video Games, Books

Just as the lyrics of music affect us, the content of the movies that we watch, video games we play, and books we read affect us. It is just as important to screen what we (children and parents) view, play and read. The website "PluggedIn.com" is a great resource to see ratings and reviews on movies, games, and books based on family appropriate content. There is also a program called "VidAngel" that can edit out bad language, graphic violence and sexual content from movies. Another suggestion is Pureflix which has hundreds of family friendly movies in all genres.